Sho Madjozi's new glitter hairstyle to start trend among kids?

Sho Madjozi's new sparkle braids to start trend among kids?

Sho Madjozi has a new hairstyle that is sure to inspire kids! 

Sho Madjozi with pink hairstyle
Sho Madjozi with pink hairstyle/ YouTube screenshot

Sho Madjozi has always been inspirational when it comes to her hairstyles. 

Her colourful braids have become a trend, especially for South African kids. 

The singer shared her recent discovery - the sparkle braids. 

Taking to social media on Tuesday, Sho shared her new look, which became a talking point on Twitter. 

"I finally figured out the sparkle braids," Sho captioned her post. 

Following the post, Sho Madjozi has been trending on Twitter. 

Many parents said they felt their children would be pressurising them into get the braids this festive season. 

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Below are some of the Twitter responses: 

It’s going to be an expensive December for the rents.

Wow. Our kids are going to be looking for them too for Christmas hairstyles. Trouble in the house. 

Nooo😭😭 last time we were busy looking for colourful braids for our baby cousins and nieces or whatever because of you. 

Just in time for December ??!!  Parents are in trouble .

Sho Madjozi’s real contribution to society is to provide hairstyles for black girls and women. There isn’t a single December where she didn’t give us anything. And this is me speaking from experience 😭. 

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See the hairstyle below:

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