SA celebs share back-to-school pics of their kids

SA celebs share back-to-school pics of their kids

It was back to school for South African children this week, and many people, including our very own celebrities, were delighted to share pictures of their little ones. 

minki van der westhuizen's daughters first day at school

Let's face it, spending time with the young ones over the holiday break is great, but sending them back to school is a bit of a relief for most parents. 

Parents can relax a bit, because they no longer have to run after their children all day. 

Despite their excitement at the prospect of some freedom, parents can't help buy beam with pride on their child's first day at school. 

Like every other parent,  celebrity moms and dads flooded social media with their kids' back-to-school pictures.

For some parents, such as our very own Lee-Ann Liebenberg, the beginning of the new school calendar was a big deal as their children were going into Grade 1.

Gia starting Grade 1 today! 🍎📚✏️🙏❤️ #BigSchool 😬

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Lee-Ann wasn't the only one who got to share their proud moment with the world. Other celebs also took to Twitter to share pics of their little ones going to school.

Take a look at the adorable pics below:

Back to school @sbani_

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