Mixed reaction to Turkish airline's plan to introduce child-free zones

Mixed reaction to Turkish airline's plan to introduce child-free zones

Some people are thrilled that airlines are starting to offer child-free plane cabins, while others think it is disgusting.

Boy cries on plane
Boy crying on plane/ iStock (Radist)

A Turkish-owned airline will soon be introducing child-free cabins on some of its flights, but not everyone is pleased with the idea. 

Corendon Airlines is weeks away from offering passengers 'Only Adult' zones for passengers who want to work in a "quiet environment".  

The service, which is only available to passengers who are 16 and older, will be introduced in November. It will be available for flights between Amsterdam and Curaçao, which is in the Caribbean islands. 

Corendon first announced the decision in August. It said at the time that the move would benefit those travelling with children and those travelling without. 

"The introduction of the Only Adult zone also has a positive effect for parents with children. They don't have to worry as much about possible reactions from fellow passengers if their child is crying," the airline said in a statement


With the introduction of Corendon's new service fast approaching, more people are expressing their views about how they feel on the matter. 

Other airlines are likely to be watching the airline closely to see how the service is received. Corendon is reportedly the first airline in Europe to offer adult-only zones, and one of only a few airlines in the world to do so. 

Many social media users say that they support the airline's decision. 

"On my last trip, I was on an 8-hour overnight flight with a baby that screamed basically the entire time. Would 100% pay more for a child-free flight," One X user wrote. 

Another user added: "I will 10200000000% pay extra for a child-free flight."

But not everyone agrees. 

"So apparently airlines are considering making “child free zones” on planes, & I can’t decide if this is a dystopian shift or not, but generally it’s really sad how little tolerance people have for children & babies—even acting like they shouldn’t be in public," one woman wrote

Main image credit: iStock/Radist

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