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Raising Resilient Kids with Naomi Holdt

In a world where kids are constantly dealing with lots of changes and high expectations, building resilience becomes super important.

Raising Resilient Kids with Naomi Holdt
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In the latest episode of the KindnessCan podcast, hosts Paul Bushell and Jane Linley-Thomas had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi Holdt. Naomi is not only a renowned psychologist but also the author of an impactful book, 'Bounce' – a guide for parenting that focuses on nurturing resilience in children. 

Resilience sets our children on the road of confidently handling life's ups and downs. To shed light on this fascinating subject, the KindnessCan team invited Naomi Holdt into the studio to share her knowledge. 

Naomi, a renowned psychologist, and the celebrated author of the parenting book 'Bounce,' shared her insights on fostering resilience in children.

From Parental Directives to Unforgettable Connections 

Throughout life, children learn countless lessons from their parents. Yet, we often limit these teaching moments to everyday orders or instructions. Naomi stressed the importance of transcending these directives in favour of forging a deeper connection with our children. When we channel our energy towards nurturing our bond with our children, we end up reinforcing the foundations of resilience. 

Building Resilience Through Boundaries 

Another crucial topic we navigated with Naomi was the role of boundaries in fostering resilience in children. Boundaries, especially those rooted in family values, are vital in creating a feeling of safety. By laying clear boundaries, we cocoon our children with security, an essential ingredient in the recipe of resilience. 

Unconditional Love: A Pillar of Resilience 

A consistent theme throughout Naomi's inputs revolves around the necessity of parents' unconditional love in nurturing resilient children. When kids experience unwavering love, irrespective of their behavior or actions, they tend to exhibit higher levels of resilience. 

A Parent's Journey Towards Raising Resilient Children 

The conversation took a fascinating turn when we journeyed to the heart of raising resilient children: introspective parenting. Naomi emphasised that parents acknowledging their imperfections undeniably encourage resilience in children. The acknowledgment that it’s okay to be 'just a human' tends to alleviate the pressures of perfectionism and signals that failure is a part of the growth process. 

Developing Resilience in Kids & Teens 

Lastly, Naomi highlighted the importance of raising kids to be resilient rather than reactive. This proactive approach essentially boosts their self-esteem and belief in their ability to tackle life's trials. 

 If you'd like to dig deeper into these insights, listen to the complete episode of the KindnessCan podcast featuring Naomi Holdt (at the top of this page or below) as she unravels the intricacies of raising resilient children.

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More about Jane and Paul

Jane Linley-Thomas is a radio personality and speaker, mom of three precious children, founder of the Rejoyce Collection.

Paul Bushell is a psychologist, author and regular commentator on emotional intelligence and meaningful living.

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Jane and Paul Bushell / Instagram

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