Raising the Integrity Level in South Africa

Raising the Integrity Level in South Africa

When you give someone your word, do you truly mean it? "That is powerful - that you do what you say you're going to do," says radio & TV celebrity psychologist and TV presenter Charissa Bloomberg - who's a renowned Integrity Leadership specialist.

Sharissa Bloomberg

Bloomberg - an accredited Emotional Intelligence facilitator - joins Brent Lindeque on the Good Things Guy podcast to discuss “raising the integrity meter” in South Africa.

Bloomberg has a Masters in Psychology, as well as a Psychodrama and Group Dynamics qualification from Oxford University, and the Capetonian brings 20 years of extensive international experience into the Psychologist space.

Listen to the discussion below.

Meanwhile, a simple Facebook post created a beautiful idea that reverberated around South Africa and started a movement to Rebuild SA! In a previous Good Things Guy podcast on JacPod, Brent Lindeque chatted to the three co-founders of an incredible initiative formed during the devastating social unrest last month in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

As the dust settled, we saw the tide turning as South Africans did what they know best - joined hands to clean up and rebuild what had been destroyed by the unrest.

Inspired by their spirit of generosity - Ubuntu, South Africans stood together against a force that threatened to destroy everything they stand for.

We chatted to the three co-founders of the incredible Rebuild SA initiative - Emelda Masango, Mbali Ndhlovu and Natalie Church. Press play below to listen.
Rebuild SA
Rebuild South Africa's Facebook page

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