Payday memes we can all relate to

Payday memes we can all relate to

Get ready for some laughter - because if you don't, you may cry...

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It’s payday for many people in South Africa.

This means you can spoil yourself with that pair of jeans or shoes you have been dying to own. You can even go out with a group of your friends and have a fabulous time without worrying about not having enough money to pay the bill.

But, before you spend all that money, let us look at some of the most hilarious payday memes we have found on the internet.

When you hear of a sale and you just got paid

When you are feeling too excited and think you can buy the whole world with your salary

When you can't decide what you want to spend your salary on

When bills take half of your salary

A week before and the week after your payday

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