No medical aid? This prepaid medical card can help you pay for private treatment

No medical aid? This prepaid medical card might be a good alternative to consider

Many South Africans cannot afford to pay the high cost of medical aid. Here is a medical aid alternative to consider...

Paying for medical treatment
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Medical aid can be costly, and with the economic status that our country finds itself in, many people cannot afford it. 

Without medical aid, some people struggle to pay the high cost of private healthcare and are forced to get public treatment.

However, now there is a a medical option that will allow you to afford private treatment. 

Oyi is a prepaid medical card that only works at medical facilities. You can budget and save for your medical needs without worrying about monthly obligations or the window period. Not only is there no minimum monthly savings amount, but you don't even have to save every month. You can just put in money when you are able to. 

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If you want to commit to a monthly payment, you can even set up the payroll deduction through your employer for free. However, you do not need to be working to get Oyi, even students can get it. 

The other good thing about Oyi is that you won't have to worry about not being able to help your family members because they are not on your medical aid. Oyi can be used to pay for any family member. 

The Oyi prepaid medical card is a Mastercard that only works at medical facilities. It is accepted by all healthcare providers in South Africa. 

You can use the card to pay for your consultation, pay specialists, get medication at pharmacies, do paternity tests, do blood tests, and pay for x-rays. 

Another good thing is that the funds/savings do not expire. So you do not have to worry about your funds running out and having to wait for the next year to have funds kick in like with medical aid. 

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