Nine things only moms with multiple kids will understand

Nine things only moms with multiple kids will understand

No-one understands the meaning of wine o’clock more than mothers of multiples. 

Nine things only moms with multiple kids will understand

Being a parent, regardless of how many you have, is hard work, but when you start having multiple children, it sometimes feels like you are running a circus or managing a poor performing football team (cough, Leicester City).

Here are nine things that (mostly) moms with more than one child will understand.

Using your stroller as a trolley at the supermarket

If you have multiple children under the age of three you are likely to take your stroller everywhere you go - including the supermarket.  If you are just making a quick run to the store to get a few things, then the compartment under your stroller doubles up as a grocery basket. 

Stressful mall trips

Going to the mall with all your kids is what nightmares are made of. While one kid is running off to find the toy aisle, another is pulling a tantrum because their imaginary friend is tired of walking. To add to the drama, you have to put on a fake smile every time another mom gives you the “ag, shame” look. Don’t get us started on the non-parent giving you the side-eye for not being able to “control” your kids.  


You always have your hands full

Literally! You probably spend a good chunk of your day carrying one child on your hip, while feeding your youngest with your free hand or stirring a pot of food. Heck, you are probably also using your feet to mop up a mess on the floor with a rag – at the same time!


You drop your children off at school in your PJs

Being the super mom that you are, your mission to get all your kids out the door on time for school means you probably forget (or have no time) to make yourself decent. You have probably rushed out the house at least once in your pyjamas. You are too busy patting yourself on the back for getting them through the gate before the bell rings that you hardly notice all the stares you are getting from other parents!

You hide in the bathroom at least once a day

For at least 10 minutes, no-one can find you. That’s because you are hiding in the bathroom to get a few minutes of peace and quiet.  Of course, your brood soon finds your hiding spot (there are only so many places you can hide), and start playing in the bathroom while you sit on the toilet seat doing your business. Just another normal day!

Bribing your kids

Finally, you get all the kids to take a nap, but then one decides to wake up and risk everything! You have no problem bribing them to be quiet so the others don’t wake up.

Your house is always loud

Sometimes you feel like you are running a circus with all the running around, crying, screaming, and laughter going on!

How many bags it takes to feed a village

You have become so used to preparing food for a large family, you know exactly how any grams of pasta and how many slices of bread you need for the whole week!

Wine O'Clock

You might forget to have breakfast or skip going out with your girlfriends, but there is one thing you will not miss, and that is wine o’clock. The hour when all your kids have gone to bed, the dishes are washed, and you pour yourself a glass of wine. You savour the moment, take a few minutes to regain your sanity, and then kiss your children goodnight before calling it a day!


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