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New Year, new tech habits [DOWNLOAD NOW]

Step into 2024 with a fresh perspective on tech use! Join Jane Linley-Thomas and psychologist Paul Bushell as they unveil their ‘New Year, new tech habits’ episode of KindnessCan. Plus, download a copy of the contract Jane refers to here.

New Year, new tech habits
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If it’s not part of your New Year intentions for and your family, it probably should be. Our handheld devices have become an important part of our daily lives. We work, play, connect and entertain ourselves via our phones. And as much as this can be useful and fun, there can also be a terrible downside. 

Jane and Paul talk through their New Year intentions to have a better relationship with their hand-held devices. They give details of a contract for you and your family to consider entering into, outlining specific goals and boundaries for using your phones. 

It’s a practical way to hold yourself and the people around you accountable to healthy screen time. Listen below.

Rewire your holidays with kindness
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Last time on the KindnessCan podcast, Jane Linley-Thomas and Paul Bushell delved into navigating tricky family dynamics, setting healthy boundaries, and rewriting the script of your holidays to find authentic joy.

"You don't have to live by a script written by other people in your life!" says Paul. Listen below.

In a previous episode of KindnessCan the kind duo talked about why laughter matters, the beauty of slowing down, and the magic in connecting in our crazy-fast world. 

Human connection on KindnessCan
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World Homeless Day
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More about Jane and Paul

Jane Linley-Thomas is a radio personality and speaker, mom of three precious children, founder of the Rejoyce Collection.

Paul Bushell is a psychologist, author and regular commentator on emotional intelligence and meaningful living.

Connect with them via their KindnessCan website.

Jane and Paul Bushell / Instagram
Jane and Paul Bushell / Instagram

New episodes drop every second Wednesday from 6am. 

Explore more podcasts from the KindnessCan team in their channel below or get in touch with them via their website or follow them on social media (@kindnesscan).

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