LISTEN | Money and Success

LISTEN | Money and Success in 2022

It's a brand new year and many of us have made resolutions for 2022. They may even involve becoming more successful this year, and earning more money. The question is, can you have both money and success?

Money and Success

Money and success are things many of us aspire to but they can become the downfall of many.

Henry Ford once remarked: “Money doesn’t change a person, it merely unmasks them. If a person is naturally selfish, arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all.”

Today more than ever we're surrounded by people who have the trappings of success, and you need not look any further than our political elite who've lost touch with their people in pursuit of absolute wealth.

Our roads are full of expensive cars and our malls have become the window to our aspirations, yet the wealth and success that has been created are often at the expense of others, and at the expense of our societal values.

So the question is, can you have both money and success?  Listen below as Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester discuss this topic.

Money Podcast Money and Success

Meanwhile, we all have that friend who's either always asking for a loan, in debt, or very slow to bring out their wallet when you go out for drinks or dinner.

There is hardly a social circle that does not have this phenomenon, and the reality is that not only can this be a major strain on a friendship, but because this is your circle of influence, it's important to deal with the money and friendship issue decisively.

In a previous episode of The Money Podcast, Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester discussed the issue, unpacking the value of your friendships around money.  Listen below.

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More about Justin and Dawie

Justin Harrison and Dawie Bester are self-made entrepreneurs on a mission to help South Africans become better at money.  Justin is the author of eight personal finance books; he’s a serial entrepreneur, investor, wealth creator and one of South Africa's thought leaders in the financial technology space. He's a passionate South African, father of three and avid sportsman who believes deeply that South Africa is one of the best countries in the world.

Dawie Bester is also a personal finance author, personal finance coach, entrepreneur and investor, and has been on the forefront of the digital finance revolution for the last decade. He is a father of two, an avid sportsman, and believes that South Africans can prosper with the correct motivation and direction.

Together, they're involved in multiple business ventures and share a common passion for financial education, self-improvement and simplicity, and these are the driving force behind all their ventures.

In July 2020, the duo took to YouTube to start a financial education channel to help South Africans better understand money, and since then over 200,000 South Africans have taken to the channel to learn and engage.

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