LISTEN | Money saving hacks

LISTEN | Money saving hacks

In this episode of the Money Podcast, Justin Harrison and David Bester discuss the money saving hacks that you can use to put extra money back in your pocket, starting today.

Money saving hacks
Both Justin and David are massive advocates for saving money, and figuring out how to cut our expenses so that we have extra money to save and invest. In this episode, they're sharing some of the money saving hacks they've discovered over the last 20 years.

Listen now (below) for loads of useful tips that will help you unlock more of your money and will also teach you how to think critically about your spending to make sure you get the best value for your money and reduce your expenses long term.

Last week, the Money Podcast team discussed how you can get a perfect credit score, and how this will enable you to get the best finance deals and take control of your credit profile.

This is an essential part of personal finance that is often overlooked and in this episode Justin and David break down the actionable steps you can take to improve your credit score.

They've spent the past 12 years developing one of the leading credit reporting platforms and have a massive amount of insight to share when it comes to managing and improving your credit profile.

This episode is packed with tips and tricks that are generally not available in the mainstream media, so be sure to grab a pen and paper and get ready to make some notes.  Click below to listen.

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More about Justin and David

Justin Harrison and David Bester are self-made entrepreneurs on a mission to help South Africans become better at money.

Justin Harrison is the author of eight personal finance books; he’s a serial entrepreneur, investor, wealth creator and one of South Africa's thought leaders in the financial technology space. He is a passionate South African, father of three and avid sportsman who believes deeply that South Africa is one of the best countries in the world.

David Bester is also a personal finance author, personal finance coach, entrepreneur and investor, and has been on the forefront of the digital finance revolution for the last decade. He is a father of two, an avid sportsman, and believes that South Africans can prosper with the correct motivation and direction.

Together Justin and David are involved in multiple business ventures and share a common passion for financial education, self-improvement and simplicity, and these are the driving force behind all their ventures.

In July 2020, the duo took to YouTube to start a financial education channel to help South Africans better understand money, and since then over 200,000 South Africans have taken to the channel to learn and engage.

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