Mom with 22 biological children plans to have more

Mom with 22 biological children plans to have more

The 26-year-old mom says her "huge and amazing family" is her pride and joy. 

Russian mom Kristina Ozturk has 22 children
Kristina Ozturk is mom to 22 biological children/Instagram (@batumi_mama)

A Russian mom with 22 biological children is making headlines after sharing a video of her entire brood on Instagram.

Kristina Ozturk is a young mom on a mission. She is determined to have as many kids as possible and reportedly plans to add at least 83 more to the family. 

The 26-year-old welcomed 21 of her 22 children via several surrogate mothers. Twenty of the kids were born over a one-year period.

"Victoria, Mustafa, Maryam, Irene, Alice, Hassan, Judy, Harper, Hussein, Teresa, Anna, Isabella, Ismail, Mehmet, Ahmet, Ali, Christina, Alyona, Sarah, Lokman, Alparslan and Olivia - they are our happiness! Each of them gives warmth and love!" Kristina captioned a video with all her children. 

Kristina has described her children as her pride and joy. 

According to the Daily Mail, the children's father, who is reportedly a millionaire, was sentenced to eight years in prison earlier this year after being found guilty of illegal possession and purchase of drugs. 

"My husband and I put in all our efforts to raise our children healthy, happy, honest people, filling their hearts with light and kindness! After all, our children are the future of the world! At the moment our dad is far away from us and the kids miss him so much! We are looking forward to it!" she wrote in Russian. 


Dubbed the "babby-addict", Kristina has been making headlines since 2022. 

According to, the couple spent $260,000 (R4.7-million) to have their 21 children via surrogates. The kids were born between March 2020 and July 2021.

Earlier this year, Kristina shared a video revealing when exactly each child was born. 

The couple reportedly forks out $124,000 (R2.2-million) every year on 16 live-in nannies.

Several celebrities have also turned to surrogacy. They include Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, Paris Hilton, and Priyanka Chopra


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Main image credit: Instagram/@batumi_mama

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