Mental Health: Five morning routines to help you prepare for the day

Mental Health: Five morning routines to help you prepare for the day

Coach Dr Lee Kingma reveals the five good habits that will help you kickstart your day on a positive note.

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How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Starting your day on a bad note can affect your mood and even your productivity. 

That is why having a good morning routine is advisable to help think more intentionally about your day, and plan accordingly. It will put you more at ease and in charge of your day. 

We spoke to Dr Lee Kingma about habits that people can develop which will help them prepare for the day. 

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Breathing exercise 

“Introduce small rituals so you can ease into the day. Even just a simple yet powerful breathing practice can be extremely beneficial. As you breath in on the count of 4 seconds – only focus on the gift of breathing – and as you breath out on the count of 6 seconds – think of what you are truly grateful for today.”

Drink warm water/tea/coffee

“Now consciously decide to enjoy your first cuppa for the day. If you are health conscious, a glass of warm water with lemon, a herbal tea – or if like me you need a booster – a cup of coffee.”

Stay calm 

“We all face the day differently, depending on our domestic context. Those with small children will be busy from the get-go getting little bodies ready for the day. Being mindful of staying calm and loving will keep us from becoming impatient and emotionally charged when others do not co-operate with us in the morning routines and busy-ness.”


“If you possibly can –  some gently exercise like a walk or yoga can invite your body into a happy physical space.”

Do a spiritual practice 

“I have noticed in my coaching practice that those with some spiritual practice are coping so much better during this time of the pandemic. Whatever your spiritual practice is – contemplation, walking meditation, prayer or listening to a podcast or music – will also create an opening for a more regulated, calm and awareness for your day.”

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More About Dr Lee Kingma

As a former HR executive at Juta Publishing for 13 years, Lee has coached and mentored employees in managing their careers successfully in dealing with the complexities of life and the world of work. She has consulted both in SA and internationally.

She holds a Doctorate in Human Resources Management and a Master of Business Administration. She completed professional coach training at UCT and is registered as a PCC coach with the International Coaching Federation. She is a published author of ‘What’s you Tribe – Using the Enneagram at work and life'.

During the last four years, she established her own practice, focused on leadership, resilience, and coaching at both executive and middle management levels.

Life Purpose

"To bring hope and clarity to my clients using my powers of resilience, humour, and life wisdom so that I, my family, and all whom I connect with may have more ease."

Recently, Lee has been supporting many clients virtually, both individuals and groups, within vastly different contexts, to ‘Cope while in Cocooning’ during the lockdown period due to the pandemic.

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