Meet Jo Black - a South African hipster with the biggest heart!

Meet Jo Black - a South African hipster with the biggest heart!

Meet Jo Black… a South African Afrikaans hipster who sings; who stands up at schools to talk about fighting bullying and who's found an unusual love during lockdown. Listen, as he talks to Brent Lindeque on Good Things Guy.

Jo Black

Jo Black has grown to become a household name as far as South Africa is concerned.

With his level of impact and influence on many lives in the country, the motivational speaker-cum-singer keeps waxing strong and setting records because of the great things that he's doing.

On the problem of bullying, Jo Black - who's started an anti-bullying initiative called BTG (Be That Guy | Girl) - says the problem is worse than we think. "Kids now have even more stress than we used to have at school. Now they've got all this pressure from social media..."

Jo Black joins our Good Things Guy, Brent Lindeque, on his latest JacPod podcast, to talk about things that matter to him, including his new Heroes Anonymous App; his new lockdown 'love' and whether he's been writing any new music.

Brent also opens up to Jo about his own primary school years and how he was bullied. Listen to the interview below.

Meanwhile, Catherine Constantinides is a prominent South African thought leader and environmentalist; a social entrepreneur, social justice activist and human rights defender. She joined Brent Lindeque last week to talk about everything from her near death experience with COVID-19 to fighting climate change. Listen below.

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