Matric 2019: How to ensure you are ready for your exams

Matric 2019: How to ensure you are ready for your exams

Grade 12 teacher Salphina Nkoe shares tips to help learners be better prepared for their upcoming exams.

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Getting good grades in Matric is the first step in ensuring that you secure a place in a tertiary institution and study the course of your dreams. 

But, in order to pass, it is important to prepare, because as the saying goes - preparation is the key to success. 

So, as thousands of Matric pupils prepare to write the most important exams of their school career- here are tips to help them excel from Salphina Nkoe, who has been a grade 12 teacher for over a decade. 

Understand your study method

Learners prefer different study methods. While others might grasp things better by studying in a group, others prefer to study alone. So, don't feel pressurised to use a study method you don't like, because that might disadvantage you. 

Cut the social events

This is not the time to attend social events and parties. Be disciplined enough to say no to social events and concentrate on your books. 

Give your studies some balance

Don't concentrate on one subject and neglect the others. Ensure that you give enough time to all of your subjects. 

Seek help 

Don't go into the exam without understanding a subject or a certain point, because that might get asked in the exam. Seek help from your teacher or other learners who understand the subject. 

Get enough sleep

Sleep has many benefits, even when it comes to helping your mind function to its optimum level. Getting enough sleep will help you concentrate on what is required. 

Look at previous exam papers

Previous exam papers will give you an idea of how examiners set questions. They will also indicate to you how much you really know and understand. 

Eat healthy food

Avoid eating too much and stay away from junk food. It is important that you eat a healthy diet, especially foods that will help you concentrate, such as avocado, green vegetables, and fruits. Remember to drink lots of water so your body stays hydrated. 

Read questions thoroughly 

Sometimes learners fail not because they don't know the answer, but because they don't read the questions thoroughly and give relevant answers. Read the question at least twice and ensure you really understand what the examiner is asking for. After you are done with the exam paper, go over it to ensure you answered all questions and are satisfied with your answers. 

The department of Education has released the Matric 2019 timetable. View it here

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