Mandela Day 2020: 16 ways to celebrate

Mandela Day 2020: 16 ways to celebrate

Don’t let the lockdown stop you from making a difference in the world this Mandela Day. This is how you can take part. 

Nelson Mandela - ALEXANDER JOE / AFP
Nelson Mandela - ALEXANDER JOE / AFP

Every year on 18 July, South Africa celebrates Mandela Day by doing acts of kindness.

Nelson Mandela was known as a global icon of peace and kindness. It is through his life that many learned the power of forgiveness and unity. 

Although the day is normally celebrated with events, this year’s Mandela Day comes at a time where South Africa is under lockdown because of the Coronavirus. This means no public gatherings or going to visit others. 

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But you can still celebrate while taking all the necessary precautions. 

The Mandela Day website has released a list of how people can partake in this year’s Mandela Day celebration:

- Put together stationery packs (pens, stickers, coloured paper, scissors, etc.) for teachers at an under-resourced school.

- Do a neighbourhood clean-up armed with plastic gloves and black bags.

- Sort donated clothes at U-turn or The Warehouse. (Phone ahead to organise!)

- Volunteer your time at a Haven Night Shelter.

- Make ‘care kits’ (including a comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, face cloth, etc. ) for patients at a nearby government hospital.

- Throw a tea party for the children and carers at a children’s home.

- Offer to mow the lawn and fix up the garden at a nursing home or hospice.

- Research an issue you’d like to find out more about and then share your findings with friends on social media.

- Pack meals at Canal Walk for under-resourced pre-schools through Stop Hunger Now.

- Support local and visit the Department of Coffee in Khayalitsha for a cup of their finest brew.

- As an office, make sandwiches to give to people living on the street – and why not sit and have lunch with them while you’re at it?

- Organise a fun outing for children in an HIV/Aids programme.

- Offer to read stories to children at a children’s home.

- Learn First Aid.

- Give blood.

ECR #ComeTogetherforMadiba

This Mandela Day, Stacey and JSbu, are coming together to sing their hearts out for charity and all proceeds will be donated to the Big Favour to help make a difference every day. 

You can help them raise funds by being a part of the virtual event this Saturday, 18 July, 2020 at 10am.

Click here to purchase tickets for the show. 

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Image courtesy of AFP.

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