J Sbu reveals what he loves most about being umZulu

J Sbu reveals what he loves most about being umZulu

As part of celebrating Heritage Month, ECR presenters reveal what they love the most about their heritage and what makes them proud to be Africans.

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September is Heritage Month in South Africa. 

Mzansi is rich in diversity. There are currently eleven official languages and many tribes. 

Millions of South Africans celebrate the month by wearing their traditional outfits and eating traditional food. 

It is also a time where many learn more about their culture and roots. 

Below, DJ Sbu, shares about his heritage. 

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The ECR presenter says he is a "proud Zulu man".

He adds that there are several things that make him proud to be Zulu. 

"I'm extremely proud of my culture. One of the reasons why I am extremely proud of my culture is because it is such a beautiful culture. From the way of doing things to the stories attached, we've got a way of doing things and the language is also so beautiful," says the presenter. 

He adds that he loves his home language. 

"Zulu is probably one of the most beautiful languages that is out there. Clan names, struggle names or when we are mourning someone or when we are celebrating, it is just really beautiful to hear," he adds. 

On his love for South Africa, the presenter says: "I'm very proud of my country. We have a unique, but similar way of doing things in comparison to other cultures or heritages within South Africa."

"Zulu people are very stern on what they believe. That is also something that makes me very, very proud," says the proud Zulu man. 

He also shares his loves for KwaZulu-Natal. 

"We live in the most beautiful province. Our land is the most beautiful province in this country, and that's KwaZulu-Natal. It's filled with so much richness and purity. We celebrate things like Ubuntu because our culture is about also embracing other people's cultures," he says. 

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The presenter revealed his plans for Heritage Day. 

"I will be celebrating my heritage by wearing proud Zulu gear as uMuzulu, but also I will be at the East Coast Radio virtual braai."

Lastly, the presenter says he hopes South Africans embrace their diversity. 

"My message to South Africans is that the fact that we have so many different heritages and cultures in this country is probably one of the most beautiful things in the world. Let's embrace that," he concludes. 

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