IV infusions: Give your body the natural boost it needs

IV infusions: Give your body the natural boost it needs

IV therapy is an intriguing form of treatment that helps with everything from boosting energy and athletic performance, to enhancing memory and mood.

Intravenous (IV) Therapy
Intravenous (IV) Therapy / Wikimedia Commons

Intravenous therapy is a growing trend that has become recently popular amongst celebrities like Simon Cowell, Rihanna, and Madonna. Even our South African celebs have signed up for a few shots.

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu posted a picture of herself at Herrwood Medical Centre in Umhlanga on Instagram last year getting her IV shots. Celebs like The Voice SA judges Kahn Morbee and Bobby van Jaarsveld, Kajal Maharaj, Euphonik and J’Something are just a few of our local stars also joining this trend and there has been an increased demand for IV drips in South Africa since their launch here in 2015. 

We spoke with Dr M Premchand from Herrwood Medical Centre to find out more about this trend and what patients can expect from trying IV therapy.

How much does IV vitamin therapy cost and what made you include IV therapy as part of your services?

IV therapy costs between R800 and R2200. Depends on ingredients and quantity. We had to bring it in because Glutathione etc. are destroyed by acid in stomach hence oral route ineffective. 

Do vitamin IV shots really work or is this just a wellness fad hyped up by celebrities?

Intravenous Vitamin C and NOT oral vitamin C has proven to inhibit replication of Influenza virus. It really works and is a real need and ensures 100% deliver to the system with one hit. IV’s replace/top up vitamins and fluids that you want to put into the body. That vitamin then does what it’s supposed to.

What does it do for aging?

NAD(Nicotinamide Adenine Dinicleotide) has been shown to play a role in anti-ageing. Antioxidants contained in Ascorbic Acid and Glutathione also play a similar role.

Does IV therapy work for weight loss?

Use of intravenous fat burners aids in accelerating the metabolism.

How often should you do IV therapy and are there any?

Different agents given intravenously have different duration of action. If given and monitored by a doctor and standard precautions taken as for any other intravenous medication it is very safe. Allergic reactions with vitamins are rare.

Can kids and pregnant women also get IV injections?

Children are fine and pregnant females are told to see their obstetrician for any IV’s needed.

IV therapy shouldn’t be used to completely replace a healthy diet and lifestyle but for those of us who can’t maintain perfect lifestyle habits all the time, then it can certainly help fill in those gaps or just add a bit of a boost where it's needed. *Remember to consult a doctor before trying this.

Zodwa Wabantu getting IV shots.
Zodwa Wabantu getting her IV shots / Instagram
J’Something getting an IV Therapy drip
J’Something getting IV Therapy / Instagram

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