How to tell if your partner is cheating on social media

How to tell if your partner is cheating on social media

Spotting a cheater is hard enough without adding social media to the equation.

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Social media apps have taken over just about every aspect of our lives. But social media is not only a great way to communicate with family and friends from around the world, it can also help play cupid in many people’s lives.

The latest We are Social report reveals that South Africa’s internet users spend three hours on social media every day.
And a lot can go down in three hours!   The 2016 South African Social Media Landscape study revealed that there are over 13-million Facebook users in the country.  Twitter has the second highest number of users at 7.4-million, followed by You Tube and Instagram.

With so many people spending hours online, your path is likely to cross with some beautiful strangers.  Former ‘Scandal’ star Clint Brink met his future wife on Instagram, while former lovers Big Sean and Naya Rivera started their romance on Twitter.

Social media is not only a great place for single people to meet new people, but it is also a place for cheaters to thrive.
Things get tricky when it comes to social media cheating. Some people consider flirting on social media cheating, while other do not, as nothing physical occurs.  Either way, if you think your partner is up to no good online, here are a few scenarios to consider.

Deletes messages: If your partner deletes all his/her Whatsapp, Twitter, and Facebook messages, then there is a good chance they may be hiding their online dalliances. Deleting social media messages is not out of the ordinary, but it could be a sign of something your partner does not want you to see.

All day mobile notifications: Another sign your partner could be cheating online is if he/she is constantly on their phone or laptop chatting to “friends”. If you go to bed and your spouse is online, wake up at 1am and he/she is still on the phone – you might have a problem.

Password protected: There is nothing wrong with your partner having a phone password, but if they are too possessive over their devices then it could be a major red flag. If you pick up his phone before it locks and he tackles you to get it back, he might be hiding something. The same applies if she does not want you to browse the picture folder on her phone or use her phone to send a message. You might need to start asking some serious questions. There is a difference between wanting privacy and being secretive.

Not his/her friend on FB: Your partner has a Facebook account, but makes every excuse as to why you can’t be added as a friend: “I haven’t been on Facebook in years”, “Facebook locked me out so I have to start a new account”.  People who are reluctant to have their partners as a friend on social media are either very private, or don’t want anyone to know that you are together.

Code names: Cheaters sometimes have code names for the different women or men in their lives. If you’re going through his phone and find that he sent his “friend” Steve a shirtless picture of himself at the gym, then Steve might be a Stephanie.

Emoji messages: Emojis sometimes have hidden messages, and some of them are very sexual! Educate yourself on what those peach and aubergine emojis really mean!

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