How to teach your kids about personal hygiene

How to teach your kids about personal hygiene

Teach your children about the importance of good hygiene with these easy tips.

With it being the holiday season, many kids will be playing outside and getting extremely dirty. Although you can’t really prevent your children from getting dirty, you can teach them about the importance of personal hygiene.

Good personal hygiene can prevent things such as cavities, infections, and other health problems. This is why it’s important to teach your children from an early age about it.

Lead by example

Because children learn better by observing, lead by example and be clean. Let them see you brush your teeth, wash your hands often, and see you taking a bath. If you lead by example, it will be easy for them to follow suit.

Be creative and fun

You can also be creative and create songs for bath time and brushing their teeth, just so that they view personal hygiene as something fun. And don’t get too worried if they mess up or create a mess - just allow them to have fun while cleaning up.

Make them understand the dangers of being unhygienic

It is vital that kids understand the dangers of getting germs and how they could lead to them becoming sick. The first thing you need to teach them is about the importance of washing their hands regularly, as most germs and diseases are passed on by not washing hands thoroughly.

No one likes to be sick, so if your children can understand how personal hygiene can save them from a visit to the dentist or doctor, they may be more encouraged to keep themselves clean.

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