How to search if you are a beneficiary of an unclaimed pension

How to search if you are a beneficiary of an unclaimed pension

Are you one of those South Africans with unclaimed pension or suspect that you could be a beneficiary? Here is how to find out. 

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Cape Talk reports that there are roughly 4.8-million South Africans who have unclaimed pension benefits.

The total amount of unclaimed pension funds is reportedly R42-billion.

Kabelo van der Merwe, project lead of Unclaimed Benefits at Liberty, told Cape Talk that this is due to “a lack of knowledge and being unaware of the different avenues that need to be followed for one to claim their proceeds.”

According to FCSA, the following who have not already received their pension fund benefits can claim:

• A member or former members of a retirement fund

• Beneficiaries of a member of a pension or provident fund, if the member has passed away or is unable to claim the benefit for whatever reason and a benefit is payable to the member’s beneficiaries

• Benefit due to former members in terms of a surplus appointment scheme

• A pension or annuity not paid to a pensioner of a fund

In order to claim as a beneficiary, you will need the following:

- Any document that will show which pension or provident fund the member belonged to, such as a wage or salary advice (pay slip) or a pension or provident fund benefit statement.

- Any latest document or correspondence from the member’s pension or provident fund, such as a letter.

- Any documentation that can prove that you are the dependant or legal guardian or caregiver of the member, such as an unabridged birth certificate in cases of natural guardian (i.e. parent of the minor child on whose behalf the benefit is claimed). Proof of the member’s death will also be necessary. E.g. death certificate.

- The ID number of the member.

- Your ID number and contact details, as well as the details of anyone on whose behalf you are claiming.

- The details of the minor child on whose behalf the benefit is claimed.

- Marriage certificate.

To claim FSCA gives the following guide:

SMS: enquiry with ID number - 30913

SMS: enquiry  general request - 30766

Toll-free: 0800 203722

Email: Pensions. [email protected]

You can also click hereand enter your personal details.

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