How to reach sexual fulfilment as a woman

How to reach sexual fulfilment as a woman

Do you find your sexual needs overlooked as a woman? These marriage counsellors believe it is your right to have great sex and they offer advice to help you reach it. 

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“Sex is glue that bonds a couple together, and if it's done right, it brings joy and intimate connection to the relationship,” says marriage counsellors Dr Didah and Phanthi Mokwena. 

Sadly, for many years, women have been denied their freedom of expression and expectation when it comes to their sexual needs. 

It is often said that “men are sexual beings” while women, on the other hand, are often said not to enjoy sex. 

Stereotypes such as women always make excuses when it comes to sex are very widely communicated. 

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Marriage counsellors, Dr Didah and Phanthi, say “sex is for mutual enjoyment”. This means both partners are supposed to enjoy it. 

The couple says if women are not satisfied, they can end up hating sex. 

“The problem is women are shy to open up about their sexual needs and this has caused a lot of women to hate sex because they are never satisfied,” says the couple.

The couple says in some instances, women even end up using sex toys to help them reach orgasm. 

“Some end up using sex toys to satisfy themselves because a toy won't judge you, it just follows your guidance,” says the couple. 

They say it is advisable for women to develop a good self-esteem and explore their bodies. 

“My advice to women is, start exploring your sexual parts and identify erotic triggers, so that you can be able to guide your partner to the right spot when making love,” says Dr Mokwena. 

The pair adds that couples should create time to talk about their sexual needs and be open and honest about it. 

They also recommend romantic dates or getaways to connect to each other and for the couple to do research and learn new things be creative.

Lastly, the couple says it is important to be “be open about your sexual needs. It's your right to enjoy sex.”

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