How to prepare for marriage

How to prepare for marriage

Puleng March, founder of Makoti Enkosini, shares what you need to know before you get married.

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Marriage is not to be entered into lightly. One of the most crucial things to do to ensure that you have a successful marriage is to thoroughly prepare for it.

Puleng March, the founder of Makoti Enkosini - a women’s movement that empowers marriages, says it is important to know what you want, before expecting someone else to know and understand you.

“Start with yourself. Know yourself before you learn about someone else. Know what you like, where you see yourself in the future, know your shortcomings, and highlight what you like and don’t like from the beginning of the relationship. This will avoid problems in the future,” says Puleng.

She also advises that you start doing activities together as it can be a nice way to bond as a couple.

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“Start doing things with your future spouse before you even get married, so that you start the marriage knowing your partner and what he or she likes. Introduce what’s important to you.”

Communication is key, says Puleng, especially when it comes to preparing to live together. "Every successful marriage needs good communication."

She advises that you communicate about chores and sharing responsibilities before you get married, so that you’re not taken by surprise when you find out after you’re married that your partner doesn’t like to clean.

She also warns that singles should not marry with the hope that the person will change, especially when it comes to habits that they can’t stand.

“People feel like things are going to change once they get married. You are still you, he is still himself, you will change with time, but don’t get into marriage thinking you will change your spouse. Deal with it before marriage and iron out issues,” she concludes.

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