How to plan the perfect road trip

How to plan the perfect road trip

No plans for the long weekend? Why not go on a road trip!

Road trip

If you want to explore the world around you, one of the best ways to do so is by car.

Road trips have many great benefits. They are less costly and are convenient, you get to see the real world as you travel, you don’t have to worry about missing your flight or ride because of being late, and you can stop at any time, at any place you feel like.

Now with all those benefits said, let’s move on to helping you plan the perfect road trip.

Choose a good vehicle 

Have you ever been driven in a car you couldn’t wait to get out of? A car plays a major role in the overall experience of a trip. 

You want to make sure that you choose a car that is suitable for a long-distance journey.

A good road trip car must be spacious, comfortable, and have great features such as air conditioning and cruise control. It must also be good for any type of road.

Don’t forget to check the tyres, change the oil, and make sure everything on the car is working properly. Also remember to pack your spare tyre, car registration, and insurance papers.

Choose great company 

The company you are with has the potential of either ruining or enhancing your trip. Make sure you pick great folks to take along. After all, you will be spending hours together in a confined space.

Pick people that are spontaneous an fun to be around. 

Have great music 

The right music for a road trip is essential. Music can impact your mood. After all, it’s tradition to jam out on a road trip. 

Pack along some happy music, and make sure you cater for everyone. 

Have a budget for the unexpected 

It’s always wise to budget for the unexpected, especially because you may be travelling far from home.

Plan your route 

Don’t just hit the road without planning exactly where you are going. You may find some roads closed or put yourself in danger by travelling on some dangerous roads. 

Do research and plan the best routes. 

Plan activities 

Research fun activities. This will also help you budget accordingly and estimate how much time you might need for the trip. 

Pack a first aid kit 

It’s very important that you pack a first aid kit, especially if you are travelling outside your country.

Have a good camera 

You want to make sure that you capture every moment. If you don’t trust your phone to take the best pics, make sure you get a good camera. 

Oh, and don’t forget to pack the charger!

Some of the best roads for road trips in South Africa are:

The Beer Route from Johannesburg into the North West.

The Garden Route in Western Cape.

The Clarens road trip from Johannesburg to Free State.  

The Waterberg Meander in Limpopo.

The Panorama Route in Mpumalanga.

The Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape.

Route 62 in the Western Cape.

Route 56 in Matatiele, KZN.

The Battlefields in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

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