How to measure your bra size at home

How to measure your bra size at home

Struggling to find your bra size? The following guide will help you...

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Wearing the correct bra size works wonders for your bust, looks great and ensures comfort, but many women are buying the incorrect size. Finding the correct bra size is not as easy as some might think. These tips will help you make sure you are wearing the correct size and help you find your size if you’re not. The good thing is you can do this in front of the mirror all by yourself, all you need is a measuring tape.

Tip: Make sure your tape is always straight as this could affect your results.

Step 1: To begin, put on a bra that has an underwire and is not padded. Please note that the kind of bra you wear can affect the results. Tighten the straps until the centre part is halfway through your shoulder and your elbow.

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Now let’s help you find your band size:

Step 2: Wrap the measuring tape directly under your bust, underneath your arms, and around your back.

Step 3: Breathe in and let out all the air from your lungs, then measure. (Tip: If your measurement isn’t an exact number, round to the nearest centimeter).

Below is a guide to your band size.

Size 32: 68 – 72 cm

Size 34: 73 – 77 cm

Size 36:78 – 82 cm

Size 38: 83 – 87 cm

Size 40: 88 – 92 cm

Size 42: 93 – 97 cm

Size 44: 98 – 102 cm

Step 4: To get your cup size, stand straight with your arms on your side.

Step 5: Wrap the tape measure around your body at the fullest part of your bust (make sure the tape measure doesn’t’ hurt you and is straight).

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Subtract the band size from the bust size. Below is the indication of the cup size based on the difference in sum that you get.

A: 2- 13 cm
B: 14-16 cm
C: 17-18 cm
D: 19-20 cm
DD: 21- 22 cm
E:23- 25 cm
F: 26- 29 cm
G – 30 -33

Step 6: Adjusting your straps. Your bra band shouldn’t be too loose, so first tighten the band and then shorten the straps. The back straps must always sit parallel to each other and must be level all the way around.

Additional tip: The wires and centre front must sit flat against the body.

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