Hot water bottle safety to prevent burns

Hot water bottle safety tips to prevent burns

The National Consumer Commission has shared advice on how to safely use hot water bottles to prevent burns this winter. 

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South Africans are preparing themselves for the coldest season of the year. 

Winter is upon us and one thing people do to stay warm is use hot water bottles. 

If not used well, hot water pose a risk of serious burn injuries. 

According to Sky News, Swansea Bay University Health Board says it treats burns from perished hot water bottles around 30 times a year.

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The National Consumer Commission states that the burns are either through prolonged contact with the skin or when the bottle leaks or bursts.

It shared the following advice: 

  • You should not overfill or use boiling water in your hot water bottle, but rather use tap water. 
  • Be sure the hot water bottle does not leak, looks cracked, damaged, worn, or faded before using it. 
  • Hot water bottles should always be covered or wrapped in a towel or fabric to prevent direct contact with the skin. 
  • Be sure to remove the hot water bottle from your bed before going to bed to avoid rolling onto it and bursting it. 
  • Avoid lying on a hot water bottle, resting on it, or putting weight on it. 
  • Hang the hot water bottle upside down with the stopper removed in a dark, dry place, and make sure it is completely dry inside and out before storing it. 
  • On your bottle, note the year and month it needs to be replaced.

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A TikTok user has also shared the following advice: 

  • Don't use hot water bottles older than three years. 
  • Don't use boiling water, just hot water. 
  • Fill the bottle to 2/3 capacity to avoid spills. 
  • Remove air from the bottle. 
  • Screw the stopper properly to avoid leakage. 
  • Don't use the bottle directly, but cover it. 

See video below:

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