The health dangers of smoking hubbly bubbly

The health dangers of smoking hubbly bubbly

Smoking hubbly bubbly is becoming increasingly popular. Here are the side-effects of smoking it.

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Hubbly bubbly has many different names. It is also called water pipes, hookahs, narghiles, shisha, and goza. 

It is often smoked in groups and at clubs or social gatherings.  

Although it is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst young people, it is not without side-effects. 

Smoking hubbly bubbly comes with health concerns. 

Although some believe it is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention says this is not true.

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CANSA reports that hooka smoking has many of the same health risks as cigarette smoking. 

The health site reports that water pipe smokers, and second-hand smokers exposed to them, are at risk of developing the same diseases that are caused by cigarette smoking. 

It may lead to cancer of the mouth, lungs, and bladder, and even cause heart disease, states CANSA.

The site adds that the charcoal burned in the pipes often produces its own toxins, including high levels of carbon monoxide and cancer-causing chemicals.

Sharing hubbly bubbly is dangerous. According to CANSA, you put yourself at risk of getting the bacteria that cause tuberculosis, as well as the virus that causes herpes. Not to mention COVID-19.

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