Hailey Bieber on her health challenges: "I have a cyst on my ovary the size of an apple"

Hailey Bieber says she has a cyst on her ovary

Justin Bieber's wife, Hailey, has dismissed rumours that she is pregnant, explaining that she has a cyst that makes her tummy bloated. 

Hailey Bieber
Hailey Bieber / Instagram

In April, rumours circulated that Hailey Bieber was pregnant.

This happened after she and her husband appeared at the Grammy Awards, when her photo went viral on social media and many speculated that she was pregnant.

At that time, Hailey Radar Online even reported that Hailey was expecting her first child. 

She responded to the publication and said: "I'm not pregnant leave me alone.” 

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Taking to Instagram on Monday, Hailey explained that she has a cyst. 

"I have a cyst on my ovary the size of an apple," wrote Hailey on Instagram stories. 

She said this is not the first time she is suffering from cysts. 

"I don't have endometriosis or PCOS but I have gotten an ovarian cyst a few times and it's never fun," she wrote. 

Hailey said she has been going through a lot of pain. 

"It's painful and achey and makes me feel nauseous and bloated and crampy and emotional," she wrote. 

She asked people not to feel pity for her. 

"Anyways.... I'm sure a lot of you can overly relate and understand. We got this."

See the story below. 

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Hailey Bieber story
Hailey Bieber IG story

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