Groom asks ex to be bridesmaid without bride's knowledge

Groom asks ex to be bridesmaid

The groom explained how he has always wanted to see his ex walk down the aisle...

Bride and her bridesmaids
Bride and her bridesmaids

Relationships don't always end on a sour note. 

Sometimes people remain friends, even when they are exes. 

One lady shared her story on the podcast, 'Girls Overheard', recently about how her ex asked her to be a bridesmaid at his wedding. 

She says they broke up years ago, but recently reconnected via a mutual friend who happens to be the bride. 

"My ex, let's call him Johnny, and I, haven't spoken since we split when I was 17 and him 22. We were together for five years, a big age gap, which says a lot about him looking back.

"He started seeing an old friend that I had from college, let's call her Betty, that he had never met, but followed her on Facebook and asked her if she was friends with me, and they started dating," states the message she sent to 'Girls Overheard'. 

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She says the guy's behaviour got weird because he asked her to go out on a date with him and the mutual friend. 

The woman says the man asked for her phone number from the bride and then proceeded to ask her to be a bridesmaid. 

"Johnny got my number from a mutual friend and phoned me two years ago, asking me 'Will you be Betty's bridesmaid?'" read the message. 

The woman says the man even went as far as telling her that he always wanted to see her walk down the aisle to him. 

"Surprised he even had my number I said 'no' to which he replied 'I always wanted to see you walk down the aisle to me'.

"I hung up the phone, and after multiple failed attempts to contact me, I changed my number," she stated in the message. 

She added that the couple is still together even after she told the mutual friend how the guy had been behaving. 

"I eventually told Betty, and as far as I know, the wedding still went ahead and they are still together. Poor girl, he's a scumbag," she said in the text. 

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