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Game Changers: How SA's sports heroes are changing the world

Maphuti Hlako might be the biggest fan of South African athletes.  She says female sporting success is leveling the playing fields of gender inequality.

Maphuti Hlako on Don't Hold Back

Maphuti Hlako might be the biggest fan of South African athletes. She travels the world with the nation's top sportsmen and women and is one of the few South African women in the male-dominated business to launch her own communications company.

In this lively discussion with Don't Hold Back podcast host Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba — recorded in front of a live audience for the podcast's Season Two launch — Maphuti reveals how sports can change the mood of a nation and why female sporting success can level the playing fields of gender inequality.

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Maphuti Hlako

In a previous episode of Don't Hold Back: What began as a way to pass time during COVID-19 lockdowns has become a calling card for Tumi Mmope: she's now an award-winning TikToker and content creator. And it all started with her local neighbourhood WhatsApp chat group. 

Tumi, better know as ‘Tums the Narrator’ won the DStv Content Creator of the Year Award in September. 

But not everybody has success on social media platforms, and Don’t Hold Back podcast host Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba quizzes Tumi on what makes an account special, where she thinks South Africa ranks in terms of global content creation, how it all began for Tums – and the downside of achieving success. 

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Meanwhile, Google Africa's Chief Marketing Officer, Mzamo Masito, went from fighting to make ends meet to being a South African captain of industry - but his journey is littered with battles and second-guessing. Not what you'd expect from a high-flying executive. 

He tells Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba why young South Africans should not idolise Elon Musk, why Ubuntu is so underrated, and why changing jobs the right way helps you get ahead. 

Just a heads up: there is some swearing in this episode. Listen or watch below.

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South African presenter Nozibele Qamngana-Mayaba is well known for her HIV-AIDS activism and YouTube channel. After her own HIV diagnosis in 2013, Nozibele made it her mission to hold open conversations about her journey. Now a published author and respected authority on the subject, the 31-year-old’s work was named as one of the web’s Top 15 HIV YouTube channels.  She recently completed a second season of her TV show called #YesIHaveHIV, where she assists others to disclose their HIV statuses to friends and family. In May of 2023, her presenting skills earned her an international nomination in the "Presenter of the Year" category at the Association of International Broadcasting awards. With her direct, engaging, and empathetic hosting style, she's the perfect fit to address taboo topics - and to say: Don't hold back!

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