Five annoying things that are driving your colleagues insane

Five annoying things that are driving your colleagues insane

A study by Career Junction has revealed some of the workplace habits South African employees can't stand.

Colleagues in the workplace
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Working in an office means you spend most of your waking hours with co-workers. This means you have to deal with all sorts of characters and people - and that isn't always easy.

Although you can choose who you are friendly with, you don’t have control over the rest of the team... and those annoying habits.

Career Junction recently completed a study on the most annoying co-worker habits. Here is what they found: 


Sixty percent of respondents said they can’t stand noise in the office, and often have to resort to wearing headphones to avoid noise and distraction. 

Although there is nothing wrong with talking to others in the office, it is always advisable to be mindful of how loud you are.

Weird smells

It goes without saying that personal hygiene and smelling good is very important.

One of the things stated as the most annoying is bad smells.

I mean, let’s face it, there is nothing as annoying as sitting next to someone who doesn’t smell good!

Bad language

It is important to always be mindful of the words we choose when speaking to others.

Inappropriate use of language was stated as one of the most annoying habits by respondents.

Although vulgar language is a no-no in the office, it is also advisable to just be careful of using words that might offend others.

Phone usage

Personal phone calls... urgh! 

Although there is nothing wrong with making personal phone calls, it gets annoying when a colleague is always on the phone discussing their personal business in front of everyone.

It is advisable to wait until lunch or tea time to make a personal phone call. This will allow you to get away and have some privacy - and save the rest of the office from hearing about your drama!


Tardiness doesn’t only affect you, but also your colleagues.

Forty percent of the respondents said that colleagues arriving late for work or meetings irritates them.

This is because your late-coming might result in them having to delay their meetings, or even affect their own work.

Which of these habits annoys you the most? Share with us in the comments section below.

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