Father’s Day: Presenters share what they love most about their dads

Father’s Day: Presenters share what they love most about their dads

With Father’s Day coming up, our presenters share some of the things they appreciate the most about their fathers.

Keri Miller and her dad / Supplied
Keri Miller and her dad / Supplied

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday June 16 - a special day to celebrate all the great dads in the world.

Fathers play such a great role in our lives that words and gifts don’t seem to be enough to let them know how important and loved they are.

A father is a source of strength for his family. A great dad provides love, affection, warmth, security and protection for his children.

To celebrate these heroes, our presenters; Keri Miller, Danny Guselli, Gareth 'G-Dog' Jenkinson, Stacey Norman, and Sky share what they love most about their fathers.

What do you love most about your dad?

Keri Miller – I work on radio; I have for over ten years now and my dad has never missed a show. Even when I was doing the graveyard shift in Cape Town (2-6am), he would set his alarm & stream from Durban. He is my everything. I'm so grateful I get to make him proud. My superman Dad.

Danny Guselli – It’s hard because there are many things. No matter what mind frame I’m in, he’s the best advice giver. Also, he’s so funny and his sense of humour is so infectious. 

Danny and his dad
Danny Guselli and his dad/ Supplied

Gareth 'G-Dog' Jenkinson – I love that my dad is always on hand to give me sound life advice when I need it. He lets me and my siblings get on with our lives, but always gives us good perspective on things when we need it. He really is wise, and he’s helped me figure out a lot in my adult years.

Stacey Norman – This is a tough one, what's not to love? But if I had to go top three: his weird love for Romany Creams and Beacon marshmallow eggs and country music. He's always positive, even when things are rough, even when it's 6am - he whistles and hums all the time. And of course, how incredibly supportive and loving he is. I legit could not have a bigger cheerleader.

Sky Tshabalala - My dad is not a dad he’s more of a friend to me. My father is literally my best friend and the banter we have is amazing. My dad is very outspoken and doesn’t take any kak from no one and puts his family kids and wife first before anyone or anything.

What's the biggest lesson you have learned from your father?

Keri Miller – Never mix money and family/friends. Growing up – if I borrowed money from my dad, he would add interest and teach me exactly how ‘debt’ works. If I borrowed R10 and paid back R9.50, Dad would email me a reminder for the 50c. At the time it was annoying, but now I understand. Money doesn’t know love. Money doesn’t have friends. And when you understand money, you also don’t make it a priority and can live and work with your passion in mind. I will be forever grateful to my dad for helping me to understand and have a healthy respect for finances.

Danny Guselli – The tattoo that I have in my arm when translated is: “Be true to yourself”. My dad always thought me to be true to myself. He has also instilled professionalism into me with radio, gigs. Whatever you’re going to do, do it properly.

Gareth 'G-Dog' Jenkinson – My dad has taught me the value of hard work. He spent 30 years working to give us a good start in life and always hammers home the importance of doing your job well.

Stacey Norman – Biggest lesson is book smarts are great, but street smarts are better. He's taught me how to read the room, trust my gut and how to judge and measure someone's character. Life skills. I literally have made a career out of this.

Sky Tshabalala- Always treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Doesn’t matter how far or well off in life - my dad has taught me to never ever look down on anyone. I’m very ambitious and that’s because my dad talk me to always strive for the best and never settle for mediocrity.

What is the fondest memory you have of the time you spent with your dad?

Keri Miller – Ah man how do I choose. The older I get the better I understand my dad and the more I enjoy spending time with him as an equal. But my best times are when dad tells me about his childhood and growing up. I love hearing about his life in Cape Town, how he handled being the eldest of 7 and losing his mom so young. His stories about how he started his own business after working at the railways, even selling fruit to make money and put food on our table. My dad is one of the funniest men I know, he sings opera at home, he cooks like a machine, he is one hell of a man, he is our original Miller.

Danny Guselli – Three lessons. As a kid, my dad always supported me during my soccer career. He spent time with me on the field. When I was a kid, we were driving to school, there was a guy on a bicycle coming down the embankment, he never fell down strangely enough. We just burst out laughing and laughing. I also remember being in the studio with him watching him doing radio and it blew my mind. He is my inspiration and I love him!

Gareth 'G-Dog' Jenkinson – When I was growing up, my dad loved to take us out and teach us how to play different sports. He taught me to play cricket and rugby and that is where my passion for sport really comes from.

Stacey Norman – Too many - but my Dad and I are friends just as much as we are father/daughter. When I was living in Cape Town, he'd come to visit and we'd sit on the couch drinking coffee and talking like friends do. When I moved to Johannesburg, he followed, and we'd do the same. That time together, bonding is something he's always made time for - I've always had access to him like that. From picking me up from school to take me to singing lessons and always stopping to get a McDonald's cheeseburger en route to picking me up from the airport when "it's too late to get an Uber, yes I know you're 30, but still..." he's ALWAYS made time. He's special. Also, we refer to him as #DaddyNorman :)

Sky Tshabalala- My dad had a heart bypass in 2012 and it was during the Euro’s (football) and we were so worried about the outcome of the op. After the op, he woke up only a day or two later and I was there next to him. The first thing he said to me when he woke up or should I say gained consciousness was “ Did Portugal win” which at that point I knew yes - my dad is back!!!

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