What you need to know before bleaching your hair

Expert Advice: What you need to know before bleaching your hair

If you are thinking of changing the colour of your hair this festive season, here is what you need to know. 

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During the summer or festive season, many people love to look bright and colourful. This includes dying their hair. 

One of the common methods of adding colour to hair is using bleach.

Hairdresser Sarah Ramalobela says bleaching your hair should be done with caution. "Bleach can cause your hair to break,"  says Sarah. 

She says, that if it is not done correctly, you will be able to see the breakage even when you comb your hair. 

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WebMed says bleaching can damage your hair's protein. 

"Bleaching could also make your hair weaker and more prone to breakage. Bleaching causes 15% to 20% of the hair's protein bands to break,"  states WebMD

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