Emotional Intelligence: The Deciding Factor

Emotional Intelligence: The Deciding Factor

In this week's Thrive with 'DrD', Dorianne Weil speaks with Stephanie Vermeulen - one of the leading pioneers in the field of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

As a pioneer, Steph Vermeulen has been Africa's authority on Emotional Intelligence (EQ) since 1996.

"The biggest part of Emotional Intelligence is learning to manage oneself. The second pillar of Emotional Intelligenceis so you can gain cooperation from other people," she tells 'DrD' in the podcast.

"It's probably the closest Western notion to the concept of Ubuntu. Because it's very clear with Emotional Intelligence that I can't survive or thrive on my own. I need other people no matter how much of a loner I might be; no matter how independently I might operation, I still need other people and I need to gain their cooperation just to support me. And all of us are the same," says Vermeulen.

Steph embraces advances in science that have matured the field of EQ into Personal Intelligence – the subject of her latest book.

‘DrD’ explores the relevance of using EQ to manage the challenges of the COVID crisis and in this podcast she also looks at:

• What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
• Is EQ something that can be learnt?
• How can a healthy level of EQ help during and after COVID-19?

• How do we understand the dynamics of gender-based violence?

Listen below.

Steph’s latest book 'Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now' (EQ+IQ) is available on Amazon and Kindle and there is a wealth of info on Steph’s website.

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