Eleven romantic ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day on a budget

Eleven romantic ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day on a budget

Don’t let a low budget ruin your Valentine’s Day. Here are some fun and romantic things you can do that aren’t costly.

Valentine's Day
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Valentine’s Day is a matter of hours away. If you are worried about your tight budget, we have great ideas that will enable you to spoil your lover without breaking the bank.

The day is all about celebrating love and there are a lot of things that can be done to show your loved one just how special he or she is without having to spend money.

Here are our suggestions: 

Give your partner a long bath

Bathing together as a couple is sensual. The whole exercise can spike up the romance between you and your partner. There are several ways you can make the bath memorable. Switch off the bathroom lights and light some candles (you may not have a choice with load shedding), run a bubble bath, and make the bath fun by scrubbing each other. Allow for intimacy to take its course.

Cuddle and snuggle

When was the last time you cuddled? If you hardly get time to just snuggle, Valentine’s Day is the best day to do so. Relax in bed together and enjoy cuddling. The nice thing about cuddling is that there are different positions you can explore. Have fun!

Be creative together

While you may not be the most creative person in the world, being creative with your other half will bring you closer together. Who cares if your painting is rubbish or your poem makes no sense, it is the journey you take together towards creativity which is all that matters. So write that poem together or paint that picture as a couple - creativity breeds romance when done together.

Pick flowers from your own garden

Giving flowers is a nice gesture to show love to your partner. Why not pick a nice flower from your garden and give it to your partner with a nice message?

Write love notes

Words are very powerful, and you can let your partner know just how much you love them by writing sweet, romantic love notes and sticking them all over your house. If you need inspiration as to what to write, use the internet.

Ask each other questions

While you may think you know everything about your other half, the truth is there is always room to explore. Draw up a list of fun questions and let the night run away with your answers. You will be brought closer together by this exercise - and it is very romantic if you frame your questions correctly. Add a bottle of wine and some candles, and you are good to go.

Picnic night at an art exhibition 

Spoil your lover with a night of art. 

You can look for gallery openings or art installations in your area, pack a picnic and enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day night of art and romance.

Serve your partner

What could be more thoughtful than serving your partner on Valentine’s Day? Instead of waiting for them to serve you dinner, cook a nice meal and serve it to them. Go the extra mile and take off their shoes, give them a massage or even help them wash the dishes. Just make sure you do things they will appreciate. 

Chill in the garden and star gaze

Create beautiful memories in your own garden. Be creative, you can even spread out a blanket, play music, and eat dinner there while star gazing. This is the perfect time to stare at each other in the eyes and share sweet nothings.

Dance and be intimate

Let loose and dance the night away with your partner in your hands with love songs playing in the background. Dancing together creates another way for the two of you to connect. Don’t even worry if you or your partner can’t dance, just have fun! It’s about the act, not how good or bad a dancer someone is.

Have a romantic movie marathon

If you are lucky to escape the grip of load shedding on Valentine's Day, why not pick a few romantic movies to watch together? For the guy, this will show a softer side which your better half will love. For the girl, who doesn't love an excuse to watch a romantic movie? Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

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