East Coast Radio pays tribute to KZN communities with colourful murals by local artists | East Coast Radio

East Coast Radio pays tribute to KZN communities with colourful murals by local artists

A series of colourful wall murals created by prominent KZN artists will soon start appearing in various high traffic locations around the province.

East Coast Radio - here with you/East Coast Radio

We have commissioned various artists for the launch of our new brand campaign called ‘Here with you’ that celebrates all the ways that we, East Coast Radio, supports, entertains, connects and rewards the communities of KZN.

As a proudly KZN brand, we’ve reached out to local artists and invited them to bring their own interpretation of what it means to live in KZN, in these neighbourhoods, with us as an ever-present friend and confidante.

Each artist was selected for their unique talent and will create murals that speak to the lingo, the localisms and nuances of these areas, celebrating the areas and the people that live in them.

The first design created by renowned Durban artist Resoborg, aka Wesley Van Eeden, will be completed at Hillcrest Primary School this week.

Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala at the launch of the #ECRHereWithYou campaign/East Coast Radio

This is the first of several murals that will appear around the province honouring the people of KZN.

About the artists

Some of the other featured artists will include Jono Hornby, Meg Moore and Kevin Ngwenya aka Kev Seven with more to be announced. 

Hilton artist Jono Hornby is well-known in the area as the co-founder of the BOOMTOWN Art Project and BOOMTOWN Public Art Festival -  a project to develop street art, uplift local artists, and encourage tourism in Hilton. The former DUT art student and graffiti artist is now a full-time street artist creating visuals that reflect on social issues and social justice.  

Meg Moore is a multidisciplinary artist whose colourful and eclectic style KZN people may be familiar with from the various murals around town. Her work draws on the underlying socio political nuances of cultural evolution, the gendered perspectives, and attempts to question contexts and presumptions of cultural narratives. 

Hailing from Umlazi, Kev Seven has become a key figure in the street art scene known nationally from his region. Creating since the early 2000’s Ngwenya combines his intrigue for his favourite comic book illustrations and his love for the architectural landscape and textures in his city to create his original style. 

The murals form part of the greater ‘Here with you’ campaign and brand repositioning that KZN are likely to see more interesting campaign content appearing online and in person over the next few weeks.

“We want our audience to feel like this is their campaign, it’s their voice being heard and that all the activity we roll out resonates and creates an emotional connection with the brand. We want KZN people to feel proud of what we are doing, because we are doing it for them,” Davis added.

Head over to our social media pages and tell us where we should paint our next mural, using the hashtag, #ECRHereWithYou.

East Coast Radio MD, Boni Mchunu, and Darren Maule at Hillcrest Primary/East Coast Radio

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