Durban woman announced as one of three gsport finalists

Durban woman announced as one of three gsport finalists

Meet an inspiring young lady with a mission to follow her heart. Selina Moonsamy, a passionate cricket player, has been announced as one of three 2019 gsport finalists in the 'Supporter of the Year' category. We caught up with the young lass, who told us more about herself.

selina govindsamy

Determined, passionate, and courageous are just a few words that describe Durban-born Selina Moonsamy.

The cricket fanatic was recently announced as one of three 2019 gsport finalists in the category 'Supporter of the Year'. Having overcome the devastation of losing her mom five years ago, and her dad a few weeks ago, Moonsamy has always remained headstrong and driven to continue to pursue her dreams.

We had the opportunity to sit down with this inspirational woman. Here's what she had to say: 

Tell us more about yourself...

I grew up in a small town called Tongaat which is situated on the North Coast of KwaZulu Natal. I am the youngest of 3 children, with an elder sister and brother. My parents are late, with my mum having passed on five years ago and my dad passed away, just a few weeks ago. 

So, the Gsport Finalist spot is a bittersweet moment in my life. I was and still am more tomboy than I am a lady. I prefer shorts, tees, and slops to dresses, heels, and makeup. I grew up in a household of sports lovers with my dad and brother having played sport over the years. Whilst growing up, my holidays were spent attending matches at Kingsmead.  

I used to always admire the people that sat up in the suite on the North Stand and I made myself a promise, that one day I too will sit up there in the suite and enjoy a game of cricket. Well, I have achieved that dream in more ways than one. Family is the most important part of my life and my parents always encouraged us to follow our dreams no matter what it was. Parents are the backbone of our achievements as without their sacrifices, love, and support over the years, we would never be able to achieve all that we have. 

I am ever so grateful for what my parents have done for me, yet sad that they are not here to share this moment with me. I started my career in cricket in 2009 with Maidstone Cricket Club. I did my linear scorer course in the same year with KZN Cricket. I have since scored KZN Provincial Games and Dolphins games. I am also a mini cricket coordinator, scorer, and Managing Member with Tongaat Cricket. Being a female in sport, I always had to work harder at everything and when I achieved my goals, my victory became that much sweeter. 

I have written blogs for Gsport entitled 'Life's Success is Based On Dreams that Never Fade'. It is an honor and privilege to wear my KZN Cricket Coastal Colours. I am a small-town girl who gets to live the dream I always wanted knowing I have earned it and that I have done my parents proud. 

How did you choose your career?

I matriculated at Buffesldale Secondary. I always wanted to be a teacher as I love children, but parents knew best, so I pursued a career in Accounting. I currently work for Acctax Financial Consultants as a Bookkeeper/Tax/Audit Consultant. 

But my passion for sport never diminished over the years, if anything it just increased. During cricket season, my weekends are extremely busy as it involves scoring games on Saturday and Sunday, which leaves me with no time for anything else, as I always tend to have an early start and late evenings. 

But you will never hear me complain as it is something I will never trade the long hours and next to no sleep at times. Cricket and sport is my passion and I only hope to one day work in cricket on a daily basis. It gives me the greatest joy to watch a child pick up the cricket bat for the 1st time at a mini cricket festival. 

You are one of three 2019 gsport finalists in the category 'Supporter of the Year' – explain that us what gsport is and what being in the top three in your category mean?

Wow, Gsport is an NPO that was founded by Kass Naidoo (the first female cricket commentator) in 2006. Gsport is an initiative that shines the spotlight on every amazing South African female that does her bit to ensure that females are recognized for their achievements in sport. 

For too many years men have always enjoyed the limelight and women have been in the background. Gsport has made groundbreaking progress in showcasing strong admirable South African women in sport since its inception. I thank Kass Naidoo for all that she has done for women in sport. She is a true inspiration and I salute her. 

To me, being a Gsport Finalist in the Category Supporter of the Year is an achievement that is both humbling and exciting. KZN Ladies cricket and Women's Cricket is a huge passion of mine, so being able to represent my KZN Ladies team and KZN Cricket at the awards is a proud moment as I attended the 2017 Gsport Awards as just an ordinary guest, so to this time around I will be a finalist and for me it is special as it shows that everything I worked for over the years has not gone unnoticed. 

There are 17 other categories from Athlete of the Year, Woman Of The Year to Sports Federation of the Year. Each finalist is so very deserving of her Top 3 position. Come the evening of 31st August all the amazing finalists will gather for the Glittering Gsport Awards in Johannesburg which is televised on SABC when the winners will be revealed. Kindly log onto and create an account and vote for me in the Category Supporter of the Year and help me win this award for all of us in KZN. 

What are some of your other achievements?

I have attended the Woman's International T20 match between South Africa and Pakistan in Pietermaritzburg in May 2019 as the official match spotter which was my 1st International Game. I had the opportunity of meeting the amazing Sana Mir the 1st female to take more wickets than any other spinner in Women's Cricket. I also got to meet all the awesome Protea Ladies especially my favourite Marizzane Kapp and Mignon Du Preez. 

In March 2019 I went to the CSA National Women's Week with the KZN team as the KZN Ladies Cricket Manager. To be Manager was a proud moment for me as it was a culmination of hard work over the years. I have also attended 4 CSA National Girls U19 weeks as KZN Coastal Scorer. In December 2018, I received the second-highest assessment score as the webcricket scorer.

How have you used your achievements to help other woman come up in sport?

I have organised a Girls Pink Day cricket event which is endorsed by KZN Cricket and Pinkdrive. The aim, of the event, is to get more girls playing cricket in my town and also to ensure that the local community is made aware of breast cancer. 

Hopefully, in the new season rain will stay away so that we can have the much anticipated event, that will see the young girls coached by the amazing KZN Ladies team which has the Protea Players Chole Tryone and Nondumiso Shangase and ex Protea Player Dinesha Devnarain. There will also be a T20 match between the KZN Ladies and the Tongaat Men's team.

Good luck in all your future endeavours, Selina!

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