Darren Maule’s guide to buying Father’s Day socks

Darren Maule’s guide to buying Father’s Day socks

There's the 'Tiger King' and then there is the 'Sock King'.  Darren Maule means business when it comes to his sock collection -  naturally, he is our go-to person for sock gift ideas. 

Darren Maule
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It's that time of the year again when dads all over the world get socks for Father's Day (insert side-eye emoji). 

But why gift your dad a boring pair of socks on his special day when you can buy him an awesome pair he will never forget.

Enter Darren Maule - East Coast Radio presenter, comedian, MC and sock expert. 

The Breakfast Show host's sock collection is so big it might need its own dedicated closet soon. 

How many pairs does this sock lover own? 

"Last time I checked, I had 56 pairs of patterned, and 25 pairs plain coloured socks. Until my birthday where my daughter got me three pairs and I also have a gift pack waiting at the post office… and maybe one or two in my locker at work," he said. 

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One would expect Darren to splash out on a pair of designer socks, but the 'Sock King' is not about that life.

"I’m not going to go all Kardashian and get gold-threaded diamond-encrusted silk stockings, but R100 a pair is not unreasonable."

So, no Arthur George Socks by Rob Kardashian? Got it! Those retail from around R260 - R870 a pair if anyone is interested. 

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Darren likes to walk on the wild side when shopping for new socks. His socks must be funky, fun, colourful and playful.  So, no boring black socks for Father's Day! 

"If you’re going to flash some sock you must flash your flavour," he said. 

Darren's favourite socks are a puzzle piece pair he got from Lauren Ginn Accessories. 

"All the colours make them wearable with any ensemble and they look like real 3D puzzle pieces. Plus - they haven’t made socks that look like an enigma."

 Like most men, Darren has received a lot of socks as gifts - especially on Father's Day - but he does not mind one bit. 

"My daughter is going to buy me socks anyway so I might as well make it fun for her. Her mission is to find a pair so ugly that not even I will wear them. Good luck baby!" 

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Father's Day is just two days away, but Darren says buying your loved ones the perfect pair of socks is a year-long mission. 

"The best thing about buying sexy socks for Father’s Day is that you can look out for them all year long. The right pair will jump out at you. Then you just buy them and keep them aside for the special day." 

 Being the sweet sock lover that he is, Darren just had to include a sock joke that you can add to your Father's Day cards. 

"I always take a second pair of socks when I play golf. In case I get a hole in one." 

FYI,  Darren does actually own 'Tiger King' socks!

Catch Darren, Keri and Sky on KZN's favourite breakfast show weekdays from 06:00 - 09:00.

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