Criselda Dudumashe’s reveals how she dealt with COVID-19

Criselda Dudumashe’s reveals how she dealt with COVID-19

The media personality has shared her experience of how she survived COVID-19 Pneumonia. She also shared what she did to manage the virus.

Criselda Kananda
Criselda Kananda/ Instagram

The coronavirus continues to take millions of lives around the world. 

So far, at least 3.74-million people have reportedly died from the virus. 

However, the good news is that coronavirus can be defeated.

One of the South African celebrities who recently recovered from it is Dr Criselda Kananda. 

The media personality shared her experience with her followers on social media. 

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"I survived COVID Pneumonia," she wrote on Instagram. 

She alerted the public about the changing symptoms of COVID-19. 

"Covid symptoms keep changing. Please Keep being vigilant we are under siege," she wrote. 

The 'Positive Talk With Criselda' host says she is now completely recovered. 

"Dearest Covid-19 unesibindi yhoo, did you really think you’d defeat this warrior? Not a chance. I’m now completely out of danger, I completed the antiviral treatment course in hospital am now Isolated at home surrounded by love and prayers," she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to share tips on how to react if you test positive. 

"What to do upon testing covid positive?

1. Remain calm don’t panic.

2. Continue minimise further infections.

3. Adhere to covid protocols (washing hands, wearing mask and sanitise.) don’t know how this helps, just do it.

4. Pray and believe you will be well again.

My Recovery plan:

1. Daily cup of uMhlonyane

2. Super booster boiled mix of lemon, onion, ginger, garlic, turmeric and cinnamon.

3. Steaming religiously with eucalyptus

4. Taking vitamins C, D and Zink.

5. Watching Comedy."

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She added that it is important to pay attention to symptoms such as flu or a cough.  

"The symptoms keep changing, present yourself for testing soonest. It is flu season so, a simple flu or cough may just be covid. I had the usual smoke allergic reaction, minor cough that led to post nasal dripping which I treat every winter because of the fireplace to keep warm. What I knew as bronchitis turned to be Covid Pneumonia. This thing is challenging health care and it’s practice as we’ve known it," she wrote on Instagram. 

She urged the country to be kind to everyone. 

"The rest of society please be kind, people are going through the most right now. Thanks again for all the prayers and messages of encouragement. Keep safe and let’s live to tell the tale," she wrote. 

"Last lesson for the day. After Futhing(steaming) with eucalyptus do Lung Exercises using the Tri-Ball or just holding your breath and releasing. Rub eucalyptus on your hands breath in and hold counting to 1-10 and release. Then use the balls to inhale, the resistance created makes your muscles work harder, and the harder they work the stronger and more durable they become. As your breathing power improves, Lung Exerciser can even help reduce the feeling of breathlessness from some lung diseases," she concluded. 

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Disclaimer: Should you contract COVID-19, please consult your doctor as to the best course of action for your treatment, as every individual is different.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @ positivegp

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