Is celibacy the right choice for you?

Is celibacy the right choice for you?

Considering celibacy? Take a look at some of the important aspects of such a choice before making the decision.

Different faith couples can make it work

Deciding to become celibate is not an easy decision to make.

Whether you are doing it for religious purposes or personal reasons, there are a number of things to consider.

Sex plays a huge role in our overall being. Research has found that sex can boost one's mood, is a healthy activity, and can even reduce stress.

So choosing to be celibate may mean you forfeit some of the benefits listed above.

One of the crucial factors to consider is that if you are in a relationship and choose to become celibate, this might affect your partner, so be sure that your partner is understanding of your decision. 

With that said, celibacy also has great benefits:

- In 2016, statistics showed that in South Africa, more than one-million people were treated for sexually transmitted diseases. Not having sex means you won't need to worry about being infected with any sexually transmitted diseases. This can serve as a relief.

- Sex comes with emotional baggage. Although it is supposed to be pleasurable, this is not always the case. Failing to meet the demands and expectations of the person you sleep with can leave you feeling vulnerable and disappointed. The great thing with celibacy is that you don't have to worry about pleasing someone else's sexual needs.

- Sex can result in unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Being celibate can save you from the stresses that unplanned pregnancy might bring.

- Sadly, having sex is not something you can undo, but with celibacy, you can always change your mind and choose to have sex when you feel ready.

One woman who chose to be celibate after her divorce was Amanda Ndiki. Read her story, 'Why I chose to abstain from sex after my divorce', to understand celibacy in a deeper context.

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