Cassper Nyovest on men sleeping with "every attractive woman" they meet

Cassper Nyovest on why sleeping with many women can be damaging

"We lose out on a lot of beautiful experiences, friendships, because we want to have sex with every attractive woman that we meet.”

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest / Instagram

Sex can complicate things. This is what Cassper Nyovest believes. 

He took to Instagram to give relationship advice to men.  

"I want to talk about sex. I know that sounds funny, but there’s a message I’ve been wanting to share with my brothers," he said before revealing that he will be advising based on his personal experience. 

"This is my experience and what I’ve learned about our relationship with sex and our relationship with women that we meet," he said. 

He cautioned men against sleeping with every attractive woman they meet. He said having sex prematurely can have a negative effect on the relationship. 

“We lose out on a lot of beautiful experiences, friendships, because we want to have sex with every attractive woman that we meet,” said Cassper. 

“For instance, you meet someone at a party or library, mall, and you’re attracted to her... you might think that it’s only her looks, but it’s probable not, it’s possible that this person was actually sent to help you with something in your future. And you meet her and you guys have sex and a few weeks later you guys don’t speak anymore because you’ve concluded your relationship to be a sexual one, and a few weeks later you would go through something and not know that this person was actually suppose to be the vessel that helps you get over this hurdle," he said. 

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He explained that he recently met an attractive woman he wanted to sleep with, but for some reason, they never slept together and this turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“I thought she was ghosting me for no reason and I recently faced a challenge and she reached out to me... she’s been so helpful.

“And I just thought about when I met her how I thought she was so hot and I wanted to just get in her pants, but little did I know that God was sending me a vessel, angel, someone to help me navigate through this thing.

“I just wanted to share this message to all the gents out there to say not every women that you meet that you attracted to is meant to be a sexual partner," he said. 

The rapper concluded his post by advising men to “try and suppress that energy of just wanting to bang”.

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Cassper's post received 100,000 likes, including one from DJ Black Coffee. 

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