LISTEN: TEDx Speaker on building resilience

LISTEN: TEDx Speaker talks to us about building resilience

Istanbul-based Şule Kutlay Gandur is an international leadership coach, TEDx Speaker and resilience expert. She and 'DrD' unpack and discuss resilience and how to develop it in this week's Thrive with 'DrD' podcast.

Şule Kutlay
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Did you know that resilience is a subject that's starting to be taught in some schools abroad? Resilience is a life skill that Şule Kutlay believes is vital for young and old to know as it's so fundamental to our lives, especially during challenging times.

In this podcast, on JacPod, Şule and Dorianne Weil look at whether we are born with resilience or if it can be developed;  how resilience manifests in our lives and if it's possible to engender resilience in our children.

Listen below.

For more from Şule, watch her TEDX Talk, The Superpower of Resilience, below.

Meanwhile, the end-of-year holidays are fast-approaching, and while this is a time of joy and connection for many, it can also be a stressful time for various reasons, including strained family relationships and financial pressures. 'DrD' gives some practical advice for how to approach the holiday season. Listen below.

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