Brenda Mtambo talks juggling work with her busy schedule

Brenda Mtambo on juggling motherhood and work

We chatted to musician Brenda Mtambo about juggling life at home and touring.

Brenda Mtambo motherhood

She came into the music industry as a backing vocalist for the legendary Lira. 


Not only has Brenda Mtambo managed to make a name for herself as a solo artist, but her new album, ‘So Much More’, has been nominated in two categories at this year’s Metro FM Music Awards.

We caught up with the ‘Busezweni' hitmaker, who just recently got married and had a son, for a quick chat.

Brenda shared with us how it feels to be a mom and how motherhood has changed her.

“My son is the most gorgeous being. Being a mom is a beautiful feeling, it’s fulfilling. It’s like finding your purpose and it’s a blessing. Motherhood changed me as I’m now calmer, patient, and more understanding,” she said.

And just how does Mtambo juggle being a renowned artist, a mother, and wife? Her recipe is quite simple – give a 100% in all roles.

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“You just need to do what needs to be done. If I am home, I am a mother and a wife, and if I’m on stage, I’m a performer. So there’s no recipe, you just give 100 percent where you are. I am also blessed to have a support system. My husband is so supportive. He is the best. I don’t even have to worry about things because he takes care of Zion and me. He is such a wonderful man,” she added.

When it comes to beauty, Brenda believes simplicity is the way to go.

“I definitely cannot leave my house without putting on my red lipstick. Whether I’ve got make-up on or not, I just have to have my red lipstick. It enhances my look. When it comes to hair, I’m good with afro and natural hair, and I feel they suit me. Weaves on the other hand I feel are just too much work and, besides, I don’t think I look good in weaves,” Brenda said.

For her future plans, Brenda says she would love to travel Africa and Europe.

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