Beating the January financial blues

Beating the January financial blues

We are halfway through the longest month of the year. Here is how you can still make it without taking on any debt.

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January can be a very daunting time of the year.

Many people are financially frustrated in January. That is because the month comes after end-of-year celebrations which require the use of money. Many people also get paid earlier in December, meaning they have to survive on the December salary until end of January.

If you are one of those struggling to survive, we have a few tips to help you.

Avoid using your credit card to buy things you can survive without

Be disciplined in what you spend your money on. Avoid taking on any debt or using your credit card unnecessarily. Look at how much you have left in your pocket and work with that.

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Avoid social gatherings that will require you to spend money

Be careful of where you spend your time. Don’t put yourself in tempting situations that will require the use of money.

Social gatherings might be a costly affair. You don’t want to find yourself taking your last money to buy drinks or doing fun activities that are not necessary right now. Rather decline invitations to social gatherings because you don’t have enough money for entertainment. Create your own entertainment that doesn’t require spending.

Cut down on expensive food items

Going on a diet in January is a perfect way to detox. This is why many people choose January as a fasting period. It helps them reset their bodies. 

Things like fruit and vegetables are not expensive and will help you detox.

Join a lift club

Joining a lift club to work is a great idea to help you save on petrol. You can also consider using public transport to travel to work.

Get a part time job online

A great way to make money in January is to find a part-time job online. There are many great ways to get paid online where what you need is just access to the internet. You can take quizzes and get paid for it. 

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