Actress Carmel Fisher shares her tips for new moms

Actress Carmel Fisher shares her tips for new moms

Actress Carmel Fisher has opened up about what it’s really like to be a first-time mom.

Carmel Fisher Interview

Carmel Fisher took on her biggest role in 2016 – becoming a mom.

The ‘High Rollers’ actress and her partner Dion Gabrielides welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Gianna Vida, into the world in May. 

The proud mommy gave birth at the Hollywood Birth Centre in Florida. But there was nothing Hollywood about her delivery. 

Carmel gave birth naturally with no painkillers, and no glam squad waiting in the wings to get her picture ready for her Instagram shots. 

Eight months after giving birth, the 35-year-old has adjusted well to motherhood.  

We spoke to the new mom about her experiences thus far. 

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Coping with pre-labour anxiety

Like many first-time mothers, she got a lot of advice about what to expect during the labour process. But she wishes she didn’t. 

“I actually wish they didn’t tell me so much in general or that I didn’t read up on it so much. With all that information in your head you’re bound to be too cerebral about it, and that in itself can slow the entire process down. You just have to surrender and let nature take its course.” 

Carmel Fisher Gianna

Sleepless nights

One thing she did expect was sleepless nights, but her new mom motto is to take everything one day at a time.

“I’m fortunate to have had some months off to take care of my baby and to adjust. It’s a big change from what I’m used to, but I tackle it one day at a time… The sleepless nights were tough at first, but once baby got into her routine, you kind of know what to expect. And like anything you get used to it – if you don’t try to resist,” she told us.

Enjoy the moment

Watching Gianna grow has been one of Carmel’s proudest moments. Her little princess was baptised not long ago, and will be turning one in a few months. 

Carmel says she loves everything about being a mom, including changing dirty nappies and dealing with teething, because she knows “this too shall pass”. 

When she’s not admiring Gianna’s beautiful smile, she is listening to her infectious laugh.

Actress Carmel Fisher's daughter Gianna

It's all about balance

Carmel says there is nothing she loves more than watching her daughter grow, but like every mom, she has her worries. 

“[I worry] that I may spoil my child. I can’t stop myself in the shops. They’ve got so many cute things for girls. I just have to make sure that I balance my material gifting with loads of love, affection, and discipline.”

What’s her one piece of advice for first-time moms? 

“You have nothing to worry about. It all comes so naturally. Having a good support system makes things easier, and if you can get your placenta encapsulated [dehydrated and put in a pill form], taking one each day assists in decreasing the potential of getting the baby blues [postpartum depression],” she said. 

Working Mom

Juggling work and mommy duties can get a bit hectic, but Carmel is confident she has bonded enough with her baby, and is comfortable with focusing on her career in the coming months.

Carmel was set to return to the set of ‘High Rollers’ when her maternity leave ended, but with the sudden cancellation of the show, she is now a free agent. 

We can’t wait to see what her next exciting role she will take on, but for now you can keep up with her latest career developments by visiting her recently-launched site,

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Carmel FIsher and Gianna Vida

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