Helping your child succeed during this exam season

Tips to help your child succeed during this exam season

Here are some great tips for parents/guardians to help children do well this exam season.

School students studying in classroom iStock
school students studying in classroom/ iStock

It is the exam period in South Africa. 

Matriculants have already started their exams, and other grades will begin theirs in the coming days. 

If you are a parent or guardian of a child in school, there are a few things you can do to help them prepare to the best of their abilities.

Create a conducive environment for your child to study 

Make the home a comfortable place for your child to study. 

For instance, try to avoid playing loud music, or anything noisy that can serve as a distraction to your child. 

Cut down on chores within the house 

Exam time requires ample time to study and exam season doesn't last very long. 

Show your child support by taking them off chores within the house so they can focus more on studying. Also, keep a record of their exam timetable so you know when they need help the most. 

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Provide healthy meals 

Healthy food provides the body with nutrients, which aids concentration.

Eating the right food will give your child the energy they need to make it through the exam period.

Offer extra help when needed

If your child is struggling with certain subjects and needs extra lessons or a tutor, be willing to help. 

Although tutoring may come at a cost, it will be worth it. 

Also, get them any extra study material they might need in order to ensure they get as much information as they can which might be asked in the exam papers. 

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