Watch: Kid plays on top of 75 inch TV

OMG: Kid plays on top of 75 inch TV

This kid thought the expensive smart TV was a toy... 

kid playing on top of 75inch tv
kid playing on top of 75inch tv/ Facebook screenshot

The holiday season is here and many kids are at home.

It goes without saying that the little ones can be a handful, especially when they become naughty and play with things that are not toys. 

One child thought it was a good idea to sit on top of a 75 inch smart TV, which costs well over R10,000, and to place toys on top of it while playing. 

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Fortunately, an adult managed to step in before the TV could be ruined. 

The adult, who is reportedly the mother, gave the child a spanking with an umbrella.

Check out the viral TikTok video below. 

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Image courtesy of Facebook screenshot

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