Tips for exploring other provinces during the Easter weekend

Easter Weekend: Tips for exploring other provinces

Are you planning to visit another province or country this Easter weekend? Here are safety tips to consider...

Woman lying down on bed next to open suitcase full of clothes, passport and hat
Woman lying down on bed next to open suitcase full of clothes, passport and hat/iStock

South Africans are preparing themselves for one of the biggest weekends of the year, Easter. 

During this time, thousands, if not millions travel to go on holiday, attend religious gatherings, or visit their loved ones in other provinces. 

It is also a time when a lot of accidents happen. 

Last year, there was an increase in accidents. According to a Business Tech report, there was a '40% increase in deaths over the weekend in 2023 at 225 fatalities in 185 accidents over the four-day period'.

Ekurhuleni MMC for Community Safety, Councillor Sizakele Masuku, has urged motorists to not drink and drive. 

He launched the 2024 Ekurhuleni Easter Season Campaign on Wednesday. 

"We are here because we know that Ekurhuleni is a big interchange because OR Tambo International Airport is here. We also have big routes that connect us to other provinces, we are fortunate or unfortunate to be that city but we welcome everyone". 

Tshwane Metro Police (TMPD) and the City Mayor Cilliers Brink said road fatalities during the Easter weekend can be prevented by adhering to the following guide

- Make sure that you drive roadworthy vehicles.

- Don't drive like a psychopath.

- Don't be in haste to get to your destination.

- Only take your celebration drink at the end of the journey

- Don't drink and drive.

The Department of Tourism has also issued the following guide for those who will be exploring other places. 

Be mindful of travel scams and fraudsters - Tourists should make themselves safer and check the following when making a booking through a travel agent or operator: a functioning and updated website; preferably a membership of a tourism association; and registration number of the company which is visible on the quotation; and carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before proceeding with the booking. 

Be respectful to all cultures and traditions - South Africa has diverse people and cultures. To enhance your experience, always be mindful and respect the diversity when observing socio-cultural traditions and practices.

Watch the weather - The African sun can be intense during summer. Wear sunscreen and carry enough water to ensure that you stay hydrated, especially when visiting outlying areas.

Preserve our natural environment - We are renowned for our pristine natural beauty and wildlife. Protect our fauna and flora by not purchasing products sourced from endangered plants or animals. 

Be waterwise - Water is a scarce commodity in many parts of the country and should be used sparingly by all. Our tap water is safe to drink, avoid drinking water from rivers and streams.

Use registered guides and operators - While it is safe to travel throughout the country; certain areas however would be best explored through the services of a registered Tour Operator or Tourist Guide.

Get reliable information - To enhance your travel experience, details of where to go and things to do, can be obtained at the various local Visitors Information Centres located throughout the country.

Observe beach safety – We have some of the best beaches in the world. Enjoy and be sure to read and follow any signs at swimming areas. Watch out for rip currents which can to be very strong. 

Buy local - Support local communities by purchasing goods that are produced in South Africa. That way, you can take a piece of us home with you!

Be safe - Always be alert and make responsible decisions about your safety. Familiarise yourself with the area you are visiting or staying in. Check with your hotel before going for a walk alone. Don’t hike alone, rather join a hiking group or friends. Be sure to follow safety tips provided by registered places of accommodation and by local authorities.

Be careful - Take care with your personal possessions and travel documents when travelling in cities and other popular destinations. Leave your passport and other documents in a safe place and carry a copy of another form of identification with you. Always keep your valuables in sight.

Be vigilant on the road - Avoid driving at night, especially in areas that are not well lit. Inform your holiday residence of your route and estimated arrival time, and keep them updated as you progress. Never stop in a deserted area to talk on your cell phone or even relieve yourself. 

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