5 Books every pregnant woman should read
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5 Books every pregnant woman should read

These books will help you feel more relaxed about your pregnancy.

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The road to motherhood is not always easy, especially for women experiencing pregnancy for the first time.

What should I eat? Is my baby growing? What should I expect during each trimester? These are just a few of the questions  that keep soon-to-be moms up at night. Knowledge is power, or in this case the key to feeling more confident about every step of your pregnancy.

Reading is a great way to get the answers to the many questions causing you sleepless nights. Here’s a look at five books every mom-to-be should read:

1. Belly Laughs
Actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy shared “the naked truth about pregnancy and children” in her New York Times bestseller, ‘Belly Laugh’. Jenny’s book is perfect for moms who want to feel like they are getting advice from one of their friends over coffee. Jenny holds nothing back and opens up about everything from having sex while pregnant to all the changes her mind and body went through during pregnancy. Buy your Kindle copy here.

2. The Baby hump: 100s of Secrets to Surviving those 9 long Months
Cynthia Gabriel leaves no stone unturned in her book about surviving nine months of pregnancy. As the book’s title suggests, Cynthia has 100s of secrets to share. Go into your delivery room feeling well prepared thanks to her carefully thought our birth plan.

3. What to eat when you’re pregnant: A week-by-week guide to support your health and baby’s development
Many moms worry about whether they are eating the right food during their pregnancy to ensure their growing baby gets all the nutrients he or she needs. With Nicole M. Avena’s week-by-week guide you don’t need to stress about what diet to follow anymore. The books also includes recipes you can try at home and info about the bad foods you should avoid during your pregnancy. Buy your Kindle copy here. 

4. The pregnancy countdown Book: Nine months of Practical Tips, useful advice, and Uncensored Truths
Kara Nakisbendi M.D and Susan Magee get real about every stage of pregnancy. They also speak to professionals such as doctors and mothers who share their honest stories about being pregnant. Buy your Kindle copy here.

5. Dad’s expecting too: Expectant fathers, expectant mothers, new dads and new moms share advice, tips and stories about all the surprises, questions and joys ahead...
Yes, moms do all of the work during pregnancy but dads are equally excited about the bun in the oven and should be supporting their partners every step of the way. Author Harlan Cohen shows expectant dads how to do just that. Couples can read this book together to help dad figure out how he can be more involved in the pregnancy. Get your Kindle copy here.

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