10 Frequently asked questions about voting in SA

10 Frequently asked questions about voting in SA

Find answers to the most frequently asked election questions.

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On Wednesday 8 May, South Africans will be casting their votes in the 2019 general elections.

Here are some of the questions you might have about voting or the elections:

Are you registered?
You can check if you are registered by entering your ID number here.

You can also check by SMSing your ID Number to 32810. SMS costs R1.00 per SMS.

How to check for your voting station and ward number?
Visit http://maps.elections.org.za/vsfinder/ to check your voting station and ward number.

SMS your ID number to 32810 to check your current voting station.

If you have relocated, can you vote at your new address?
Registration has closed, and it won’t be possible to re-register in your new area. However, if you moved within the same district, you might not need to re-register.

What is a spoilt ballot?
Filling out your ballot paper incorrectly or failing to mark the ballot at all can cause it to be spoilt. This will result in your vote not being counted. It’s important to ensure that you follow the voting instructions carefully to avoid making mistakes.

What is the difference between national and provincial elections?
The national elections are for the national government which is led by the president and ministers.
The provincial elections are for a party that will govern a specific province.

Which documents do I need to vote?
You just need your ID document.

Can I still vote even when I am abroad?
Yes. The Electoral Amendment Act 2013 gave all South African citizens the right to register and vote abroad in national elections. The overseas voting day took place on 27 April 2019.

What is the process of voting?
The following guideline is from elections.org.za.
1. Find your correct voting station
2. Present your valid identification document to the door controller at the entrance of the voting station.
3. Check that you are on the voters' roll
4. Get your ballot papers
5. Get your identification documents stamped
6. Find an empty voting booth and make your 'X'
7. Cast your vote

What time do voting stations open and close?
You will be able to vote from 7 am until 9 pm.

Can you tweet your ballot paper?
It is illegal to take a photo of your marked ballot paper.

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